Photo courtesy of Curb Magazine

My name is Ben Pickman and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While I originally come from New York City, I have become enamored with the midwest an all it has to offer. I first realized one of the benefits of the midwest right when I got off the plane for the first time: sports are broadcast an hour earlier in the central time zone.

That reminds me. I really like sports. Like I really like sports. But more than just the results of particular sporting events I love telling the stories involved in a game. I love learning about an athlete, learning about the history of a matchup, learning about the various story lines involved. I love sportswriting not necessarily because of the result of a particular game, but more so because I love to tell people’s stories. As Alexander Hamilton once said, or rather as he once said in “Hamilton: An American Musical,” “I write my way out.”

I am the gameday editor and men’s basketball beat writer for the Daily Cardinal and a fellow at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Journalism Ethics as well.